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  • PALAC BORYNIA, Polen - Sonntag 24. September 2017 (vor 7 Jahren)

Cars & Coffee Katowice 2017

Sonntag 24. September 2017


On September 24th C&C Poland will have its fifth 2017 appointment to explore the new area of Upper Silesia. The event will take place in the beautiful gardens of a heritage palace. Here car owners will gather to soak up the true Cars & Coffee atmosphere and of course admire the beautiful cars displayed. After lunch we will set-off to the public part of the event in Katowice where enthusiasts will be impatiently awaiting the arrival of dozens of amazing cars.

How to take part?

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To participate with your car, you can submit your application by filling out the form (Owner) that you find below.
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Any questions or remarks?
C&C Poland reserves the right to selectively admit cars to the event in order to have the widest selection. The event is open to supercars, selected groups of sports cars and classic cars. For any further requests, please contact:
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